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I have always believed that evolving as a person is important, every day is a school day, after all. Which is one of the reasons why we are always improving our product offering and innovating new products.

When we first released the ALRS2 we were very excited, as we could see that it was so very different from the majority of the telemetry electronics that were on the market. Since it was released in 2019 we decided that we wanted to ensure that the product was always evolving/improving.

Since its release 3 years ago we have sold over 1000 sets all over the world and we have released updates with improved battery life, improved range and at the beginning of its fourth year we believe we are away to release the most important update.


No more costly shipping costs sending the load cells to the manufacturer, find a test house locally to you, request the calibration instructions and there you go. Your costs are reduced and the equipment has less downtime. We will still be here to carry out the calibrations that you need carried out but you have more freedom to calibrate your load cells where you want.

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