At JCM Load Monitoring our company policy has always been to, where possible, repair your load monitoring equipment rather then replacing. 

This not only has financial benefits for our customers but there is then less waste in the supply chain and in ours and our customers own way we are doing our bit for the environment. 

Having built an extensive profile of spare parts for load cells over the years, we can use these parts to fix both new load cells and load cells that are 20+ years old.  This applies to both JCM and OEM load cells.

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At JCM Load Monitoring we have an experienced repair and calibration department that can repair and calibrate not only our own load cells but OEM load cells also.

Our standard turnaround for calibrations up to 55 Tonne is 24-48 hours with no extra charge for units that need calibrated urgently as we know how important it is for our customers to have their cells available quickly. 

When possible our repair department will always try and repair your load cells with the spare parts that we have gathered over the years meaning that your load cell stays in good working order and there is no unnecessary waste. 


Our calibration capability includes but is not limited to:

JCM load cells
OEM load cells
Tong torque load cells
Hydraulic load cells
Jacking kits
Weighing platforms / beams
Silo systems
"If it monitors load we can calibrate"

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