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Welcome to Load Monitoring

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Hello, we, the management at JCM, have each been involved in load monitoring one way or another for at least 25 years each. Myself, I started working in load monitoring at age 17 and now, many years later, (you never ask a lady her age), we are still passionate about load monitoring.

Through the knowledge we have gained over the years, we are able to think logically and sometimes outside the box to be able to find solutions to complicated load monitoring projects.

I remember when we supplied a tug boat with a 300 Tonne telemetry load link. The tug boat was towing a rig a considerable distance and they wanted to know the load at all times so when the seas were rough, they could release the rig so no damage would occur to either the tug boat or the rig.

Load monitoring is not just about cranes and it is surprising how many times our knowledge has helped our customers.

Twelve years ago we started with a load division, we now have a load, weighing and hydraulic division.

Load: The load department consists of a repair, calibration, hire, site service and manufacture of load monitoring equipment. Our target is to carry out calibrations up to 50 Tonne within 24-48 hours of receipt of the equipment. Our manufacturing department is able to have load cells up to 250 Tonne ready for despatch same/next day.

Weighing: The weighing division provides a service to the food/agriculture industry, you will often find our engineers at whisky distillery's carrying out installations and calibrations. Last year one of our engineers even visited the Highland Wildlife Park to assist with their load monitoring.

Hydraulic: The hydraulic division was introduced to provide a servicing, overhaul and calibration service for hydraulic load cells. By giving the hydraulic load cells their own department we are able to turn round the repair and calibrations as quickly as we do the load department.

That is why we say 'anything' load monitoring as this is what we do, and what we have always done.

So, now i'm officially a 'Load Blogger' I look forward to sharing and discussing all things load monitoring and business with you!

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